January 31, 2006 - They make everything better...
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01.23.06 01:39 AM

The plush panda is one giant step closer to being a reality.

I'm really sorry about having neglected the comic while I finished this, and I can only hope that the strips to come make up for it. I had hoped to be getting to strip 100 in time for New Years, but it's still waiting to be drawn.

It's gonna take me a couple more days to get the Plush prototype packed up and shipped off for the final stages, but I've got 3 days off this week and should be able to have number 100 ready for next monday.

Thanks again for your patience, see you shortly...

01.30.06 11:31 AM

New strip will be up early Tuesday afternoon. My computer is having fits again.

01.31.06 01:38 PM

I have made a complete mess of the shaded version.

I'm gonna have to abandon what I've done and start over. Should be up thursday. Incidently, I have inventory at work this weekend, so I'm guessing the next strip is pretty guaranteed to also be late.


02.02.06 04:26 PM

Color is back, so are the delays.

Oh yeah, they never left.

I should explain what just happened. Back when I started this comic, (and I'm talking about the old version here, pre-sci-fi stuff) I was doing it in no small way to teach myself how to draw. You see, I've had the idea for another comic in the back of my mind for years. About 15 years really. It's something I've worked on here and there over the years, but never felt I could pull off drawing it.

That has changed.

Since I started working with the Wacom I've gotten far more comfortable with how I draw, as should be evident in the recent strips. And I've decided to start real work on that other comic. The problem is, it's gonna be a fairly detailed story, and color is going to be important. So I've bounced around the idea of bringing on a colorist to work with me. Since I started thinking along those lines, I also decided to focus more on my linework, since that's going to be crucial to the comic. It won't have quite as cartoonish look as this comic has had, and I've already started practicing with the backgrounds more and more.

Unfortunately, I don't like the way my stuff looks without color. And while I do like the greyscale versions, they're actually more work than the color was. So until I figure out who's gonna be coloring the comic, it's gonna have to be me.

I'll probably get around to fixing the last couple strips in due time. But no promises as to when.

What's going to happen to Radioactive Panda when the new comic starts up? Well this is strip 100, and at this point I'm committed through strip 150. So you don't have anything to worry about for at least a year. After that though it will be going on hiatus. The characters will still be around in various ways, but the new comic is not set in the same reality, so to speak. So it's not likely anyone's gonna pop up in the story.

The current storyline is likely to run through the bulk of that year, and is almost certainly going to get me into trouble. But that's ok, my hate mail folder was geting lonely.

I won't have any details for you on the new comic for a while yet. I still have to hammer a lot of things into shape. Most of the design work I did was done back in my early drawing days, and needs to be drasticly updated. But I should have some kind of preview around the time of San Diego Con.

02.06.06 11:01 AM

New comic should be up really late this week. I don't have a day off till Thursday, and I may not have it done till Saturday.

Blasted inventory.

Oh, yeah, and WoW.

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02.02.06 04:41 PM

I seriously think Eric has ADD